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As an Unmarried Father, Your Parental Rights Are Nonexistent Until Florida Paternity Has Been Established. Think You're Protected Because Your Name Is on the Birth Certificate?

Think Again.

Thankfully, Boca Family Lawyers, The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A. are here to help.

Times have changed. In 2018, approximately 44% of children were born to unwed mothers. Unfortunately, the law hasn’t quite kept up.

If you are an unmarried father and want to assert your rights as a parent, you must first establish Florida paternity. This is because the Sunshine State defines a legal father only as one who is married to the mother of their child.

Before Florida paternity is legally established, you quite literally have no say in how your child is raised. Under the law, an unwed mother can even cut off all contact between you and your child.

As Ceelo would say, Ain’t that some shit?

Contact the Boca Family Lawyers at The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A. today to preserve your rights.


demand the recognition you deserve

When it comes to protecting your legal rights and reaching out to Boca Family Lawyers for guidance, time is of the essence.

Your identity as a father depends on it.

Florida Paternity can be established through a written acknowledgment signed by both parents and, no, the birth certificate doesn’t count. Otherwise, you must establish that you are indeed the Baby Daddy through an action filed with the court.

Picture this. You go to pick up your child for a day at the park. It was previously scheduled with the child’s mother’s permission. Something happens, as it always does, to set the mother off. She can quite literally, and legally, call the police and you will have zero recourse. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you're an unmarried father, immediate action must be taken. Contact Boca Family Lawyers, The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A. today to establish your legal rights.

Your child's future depends on it.

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