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you show the way

Don’t Let Kanye Fool You, Florida Child Support Isn’t a Requirement Imposed by One Parent on the Other.

The First Thing any Boca Raton Family Law Attorney Should Tell You is that it’s a Dual Obligation Imposed on Both Parents by the State.

I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids. His baby mama car and crib is bigger than his. See him on TV any given Sunday. Win the Super Bowl and drive off in a Hyundai. Shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money.

No doubt, the lyrics of ‘Gold Digger’ are pretty grim. Rest assured. As any Boca Raton Family Law Attorney will tell you, once again, Yeezy’s totally off the mark.

To begin, it’s a right that belongs solely to the child. This also means it can’t be waived in a prenuptial agreement or by any other means.

Florida Child Support Guidelines – 1                                                    Hype – 0.

priorities matter

Boca Raton Family Law Attorney, The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A.’s Golden Rule:

No Matter How Much You Hate Your Ex, You Have to Love Your Kid More

Florida child support isn’t about you and your baby mama/daddy. In fact, if you and the other parent are W-2 employees, the Florida  guidelines make it easy to understand that it really is all about the kids.

Of course, things can get complicated if you don’t fit that mold. For example, if you’re an entrepreneur. Or if your ex has a side hustle that isn’t exactly above board. Maybe they’re just a lazy bum who refuses to get a j-o-b.

Don’t worry, Boca Raton Family Law Attorney, Jordan Gerber, Esq. gets it.

At The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A., we are dedicated to ensuring the future is bright for both you and your children.

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