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Boca Raton Family Lawyers see Florida Alimony Laws As the Epitome of the Adage ‘A Thing Which Is a Sin to One Is a Blessing to Another’ to

One of the most contentious aspects of Florida divorce is spousal support. If you’re asked to shell out dough to your ex following the split, you may find it a corrupt, agonizing practice. Conversely, if you need financial support to survive after divorce, it’s a justified necessity.

Florida alimony laws – like equitable distribution, aren’t always black and white.

There are several types of spousal support. Numerous factors are considered to determine which is appropriate for your unique circumstances after need and ability are established.

Boca Raton Family Lawyers at The Law Office of Jordan Gerber, P.A. can transform the mystery of Florida alimony laws into an ethical masterclass. It’s important to retain an attorney that is attuned to your goals and honestly manages your expectations.


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In the end, there is one universal truth about Florida alimony laws regardless of which side you’re on. Your number one priority should be to hire a divorce attorney who ferociously advocates for you.

What is truly exceptional is to discover Boca Raton Family Lawyers who genuinely care about your wellbeing long after the final judgment is entered. The goal isn’t to survive divorce, it is to transition onward to live the epic life you have always imagined.

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